Course Objectives

A good understanding of story structure, and very a basic knowledge of film language.

Course Objectives
By the time the student completes this course, he or she should have a thorough understanding of cinematic language, understand how to translate a script for pre-visualization, which includes identifying plot elements and the premise of the story, understand, how to best lay out a location or set for shooting, understand the two main approaches to blocking, understand the various ways to cover a scene, and have a fairly good understanding of cinematography, lighting and the basics of acting. By the conclusion of the course, the student will have the comprehensive skills necessary to become a successful motion picture director.

Course Required Applications
None. Students are invited to translate screenplay excerpts in their own 3D application of choice.

Course Suggested Applications

Though the instructor uses FrameForge, Carrara, Blender, SketchUp and PhotoShop as the primary applications for modeling and finishing the storyboard studies, other applications such as Maya by Autodesk, Cinema4 by Maxon or Lightwave by NewTek are perfectly suitable.