Course Syllabus

Introduction • Unit 1 • Visual Literacy
            Sequence Study 1: How to Get the Love You Deserve

The Act • Unit 2 • The Seven Grammatical Elements of Cinema
            Study 2: A Trip to Africa (A Trip to the Moon)

The Scene • Unit 3 • Basic Cinematic Storytelling
           Study 3: The Great Bank Robbery (The Great Train Robbery)

The Sequence • Unit 4 • Basic Film Grammar
            Study 4: Mystery of the Swimming Donut (The Mystery of the Flying Fish)

The Beat • Unit 5 • Basic Film Continuity
            Study 5: The Vampyre (Nosferatu)

The Shot • Unit 6 • Basics of Cinematography
            Study 6: Tarzan of the Apes (Tarzan and His Mate)

The Composition • Unit 7 • Basics of Visual Design
            Study 7: Booby Trap (Fallen Angel)

The Set Up • Unit 8 • Basics of Blocking & Acting
            Study 8: Call of Cthulu (The Blob)

Mise-en-Scene • Unit 9 • Within the Frame & Cutting
            Study 9: A Boat on the Water (Knife In The Water)

Basic Film Theory • Unit 10 • Visual Expressionism and Realism
            Study 10: The Zeppelin (Das Boot)

Each one hour unit will be composed of roughly one to three 15 minute lessons followed by a half an hour to an hour analysis of a storyboard that is applicable to the unit’s lesson. Students may download the screenplay excerpts used to render the boards from All lessons will be free of charge unless otherwise noted.

Sequence Studies are subject to change.